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  1. Air Conditioners
    Air Conditioners

    Buy Best Air Conditioner Online in Pakistan on Shandaar Buy

    Are you living in Pakistan's hot weather areas where temperatures soar during the day, especially in the summer season? Nowadays, having an air conditioner in Pakistan has become a necessity in your place. Now, the question arises which brand offers the best air conditioners at economical rates? Shandaar Buy offers in-store and online air conditioners in Pakistan under your budget. We provide different brands of manufacturing AC such as Dawlance, Haier, Gree, Kenwood, Orient, Pel, Panasonic, and some other leading AC brands.

    Affordable Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan

    The benefits of investing in a quality air conditioner are numerous. Not only do they keep your indoor environment healthy and filled with fresh air, but they also filter out dust keeping your home or office clean. Looking for more cost-effective options? Look no further; shandaarbuy.com has everything you need! Our Inverter ACs ranging from Rs 51,499 are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and reduce your monthly electricity bills. Easy to use, straightforward and affordable, our non-inverter price of AC in Pakistan ranges from Rs 39,999 and up. So drop by shandaarbuy.com, and with just a few clicks, save up on time, space, and money with these quality air conditioners from renowned companies like Haier, Orient, and Dawlance.

    Why Buy Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan from ShandaarBuy?

    As a notable online appliance store, Shandaar is now offering the latest range of air conditioners that lower your electricity consumption and provide you with consistent cooling throughout the year. Functional performance and design are features that differ among these air conditioners, giving you numerous options to choose from. Here at Shandaar, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Get yours now.

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  2. Refrigerators

    Buy Refrigerators Online in Pakistan

    As the most practical home appliance, refrigerators have become an essential part of every home today. The cooling chain process maintains the hygiene and temperature within the refrigerator, effectively keeping your stored food clean and fresh. Finding a top-notch quality refrigerator online can be difficult; this is where Shandaar comes in! Want to search through a wide variety to get the best refrigerator and fridge prices in Pakistan? You can find numerous international brands and models of refrigerators at affordable ranges only at shandaarbuy.com. Whether it is a mini-fridge, double door fridge, small or medium size fridge, or an inverter fridge you require, you can choose the one you need within the comfort of your own home.

    Get The Best Refrigerator Price in Pakistan Online

    Shandaar is offering varieties of fridges and freezers online that are not only high in quality but affordable in price. Featuring the best appliance brands in Pakistan like Dawlance, Gree, Haier, Kenwood, Pel, Homage, Mitsubishi, and Waves, we ensure you have every option possible.  Skip the hassle and visit shandaarbuy.com to get the best deals, discounts, and offers on these reputable fridge brands. Did we mention we deliver directly to your doorstep?


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  3. Washers and Dryers
    Washers and Dryers

    Buy Washers & Dryers at the Best Prices in Pakistan

    Technology is advancing each day and changing our lives for the better. Many washing machines produced now don't even require much electricity to run and still keep your clothes clean and fresh. You can now buy a manual washing machine online and help it make your laundry day quick, convenient, and comfortable. Get yours from shandaarbuy.com and save yourself from tiresome chores!


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  4. Deep Freezers
    Deep Freezers

    Shandaar Buy - Pakistan’s Best Online Deep Freezers Provider

    Want to keep your food fresh for long periods of time? You can now buy deep freezers online on shandaarbuy.com! Home appliances in Pakistan are now advancing alongside technology, making life a lot easier. Although an essential need in the summer season, deep freezers are a useful purchase and remain efficient throughout the year. Whether commercial or home use, with our reasonable prices of deep freezers in Karachi, you can make life considerably stress-free.
    Single Door Freezer, Double Door Freezer, Triple Door Freezer, and Deep Chest Freezers are just a few of the varieties of imported deep freezers in Pakistan that Shandaar offers. Get yours ASAP!

    Get The Best Deep Freezer Deals In Pakistan In Minimal Cost

    Been looking for the best deep freezer price in Pakistan 2021 to no avail? Look no further. Shandaarbuy.com is now offering numerous kinds of affordable cold storage solutions. Prices of our imported deep freezers in Karachi start from Rs.40,999 and up depending on added features and advancements. A couple of our best sellers in this category include the vertical freezer and mini freezers.
    Shopping with Shandaar means constant deals and discounts so choose your ideal deep freezer within the comfort of your own home!

    Why Shop With Shandaar?

    As an e-commerce website in Pakistan, Shandaar offers a wide variety of appliances all on one platform. Want to go through more than one brand producing freezers in Pakistan? We have got you covered. We present all the options from different sellers and brands. Giving you the best possible shopping experience is important to us. So allow Shandaarbuy.com to help you buy deep freezers online minus the hassle. Did we mention we deliver directly to your doorstep?

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  5. Water Dispenser
    Water Dispenser

    Buy Water Dispensers Online in Pakistan

    The water dispenser is a gadget that cools or warms up and dispenses water to give spotless, safe, and drinkable water when required. It offers cold, hot, or moderate water as per one's craving. Buying water dispensers online is already believed to be a convenient appliance for a smooth environment. These days, it is not any more an office gear and used in almost every home too. It also carries high temp water, you don't need to stand by long when you want some green tea or coffee.

    Types of Water Dispensers

    Water dispensers are essentially partitioned into various kinds:
    • Tabletop water dispensers.
    • Floor standing water dispensers.
    • Two taps water dispensers.
    • Three taps water dispensers.

    Affordable Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan

    Water Dispenser is ideally suited for use in any case, press tab or handle, and you can drink water whether you want hot or cold water so you can. These days Buying water dispensers online is among the essential appliances for your home. For the most part, water dispensers are utilized in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and restaurants for saving water and benefit on time. Along with Water dispensers Prices in Pakistan, they keep our energy and reduce the occasions we open the refrigerator's door. Water dispensers come in different sorts. At Shandaar Buy, you can find many brands manufacturer of water dispensers but choosing the right one depends on your need. Purchase 3-tap and 2-tap Water Dispenser prices in Pakistan online by Dawlance, HomageOrient, Haier, and many other brands.

    Key Features of Water Dispenser

    • Cold Water Tank Capacity.
    • Cooling Capacity.
    • Heating Capacity.
    • 1L Packing aspect: 360x330x890.
    • Power Consumption Hot 500W Cold 80W Refrigerant R134a.
    • Voltage: 220V 240V 50Hz.

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Shandaarbuy.com Offers Best Home Appliances In Pakistan

Are you looking to buy the best quality home appliances online in Pakistan at affordable rates? Shandaarbuy.com is Pakistan's most trusted online household accessories store in Karachi. We offer a price comparison of our products, which sets us high over the others distributor. Shandaarbuy brings you a great assortment of household appliances that you can easily buy online from top home appliance brands in Pakistan like Dawlance, Gree, Haier, Kenwood, Eco Star, Pel, Homage, Panasonic, Anex, Philips and much more.
If you are looking for a place where you can get all the home appliances online at your fingertips? We are glad to inform you that your search is over. We can assist you with choosing your new appliances to purchase at a minimal cost.

Your Trusted Online Household Appliances Store Shandar Buy

With top brands at low costs, Shandarbuy home appliance is trusted and brings comfort to the buyers! Our motto is "Superior choice, Superior help," and you'll make sure to encounter both when you visit us!
From kitchen refrigerators to geysers, our assortment of appliances is fantastic for any type of home and office in Pakistan. We offer the best quality home appliances at reasonable costs! Whether you need to overhaul one machine or your entire house, there's just one spot to shop to buy home appliances online – Shandar Buy!

Home Appliances Best Prices in Pakistan Only on Shandaarbuy.com

We accept that we have the best deals on home appliances online and in-store. Explore our branded and trusted household appliances at the lowest price in Pakistan, place your order now and make your home lifestyle more beautiful and easy. On top of this, we deliver your items to you at no charge; we match any value you find to bring in cash with us as you shop.
As though this isn't sufficient, we reinforce our assurance of value with a few days of merchandise exchange, implying that you get all of your cashback without any inquiries posed.
Regarding home appliances, we trust it's not what you know; it's who you know. Assuming you know us, everybody, you need to make the best home living involvement with the world. Start shopping with us today!