Small Home Appliances

Small Home Appliances

Small Home Appliances


  1. Iron

    Buy Irons Online in Pakistan

    Buy Irons in Pakistan from ShandaarBuy at the best market price. Everybody likes to wear wrinkle-free and delightful clothes. So, after washing and drying, the main significant assignment that rings a bell is ironing. Presently there are various choices accessible on the lookout for ironing the garments but people mostly prefer buying irons online in Pakistan. For better expulsion of wrinkles, you need to use a spray bottle with a dry iron because the moistness helps in eliminating the wrinkles much better. For this reason, a steam iron becomes an integral factor as it has a water tank that converts water into steam that is applied to garments, and wrinkles don't exist any longer and are at the most affordable Iron prices in Pakistan.

    Best Irons Price in Pakistan

    Shandaar Buy brings the most exclusive quality and range of Irons online in Pakistan to help people availing themselves the best when they want to make work easy. Irons available at Shandaar Buy now and again additionally have a different button that can spray water over the texture if you feel that is better for a particular circumstance. With settings on how much steam it is imbuing into the texture as well, typically only 2 unique amounts of steam. A of these are planned with a straightforward or hazy segment so you can perceive how much water is in there and assume it needs a top-off with affordable prices.

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  2. Vacuums Cleaners
    Vacuums Cleaners

    Buy Vaccum Cleaners Online in Pakistan

    A vacuum cleaner is an electric-driven machine to eliminate dust from the floor, furniture, shades, rugs, or different surfaces. Shandaar Buy brings a wide range of best-in-quality vacuum cleaners with simple and accurate methods for cleaning floors, furniture, curtains in homes or workplaces. By buying vacuum cleaners online, you get to make an attractive impact and gather dust in no time, which can be discarded later. For the present occupied life and timetable, it is an exceptionally valuable item to look out at ShandaarBuy that makes cleaning extremely simple and less tedious.

    Vacuum Cleaners Price in Pakistan with Specs

    With affordable vacuum cleaners price in Pakistan, a vacuum cleaner accompanies the following specifications which are provided at ShandaarBuy:


    The suction is the greatest pressure difference that the pump can make. The higher the suction rating, the more remarkable will be your clean.

    -Input Power

    The power utilization of a vacuum cleaner, in watts, is regularly the main figure expressed. The appraised input force of a vacuum cleaner doesn't educate the client regarding the adequacy of the vacuum however it tells just how much power it burns through.

    -Output Power

    The measure of input power that is changed over into airflow toward the finish of the cleaning hose is estimated in air watts. The estimation units are basically watts. "Air" is utilized to show that this is output power, not input electrical power.

    Top 3 Vaccum Cleaner Products




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  3. Insect Killer
    Insect Killer

    Buy Automatic Insect Killer Machines in Pakistan

    Best insect killer models with elite performance for home, modern, and business purposes are available at Shandaar Buy to make life comfortable. Buy insect killer online that is most usually used in Shops, Warehouses, Farms, and Manufacturing businesses. These clean conservative units are amazingly financially savvy with affordable insect killer prices in Pakistan. Certain people use insect repellants, sprays, and nets, however, the thing is, by doing this it isn't feasible for the issue to be completely dispensed with. Likewise, sprays and repellants have synthetic compounds in them which can be unsafe to you and everyone around you. ShandaarBuy carries the most long-lasting answer for your concern which is to purchase insect killers in Pakistan.

    Insect Killer Machines Price in Pakistan with Specs

    ShandaarBuy provides affordable automatic insect killer machines price in Pakistan. Looking for high-quality insect killer machines? have look at these features first:

    -No disposables.
    -Utilizations of negligible power.
    -It very well may be cleaned with no devices or synthetic substances.
    -Electrifies iron and powder-covered completion to keep away from rust and consumption.

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  4. Geyser

    Buy Water Geysers in Pakistan

    When you are on the verge of choosing the best ways for your living, you have to make sure that you have all the facilities to enjoy the accurate weather without having to face any problem. The need for a high-tech heating fixture for your homes and even for workplaces especially from reliable brands make this task easy. ShandaarBuy brings the most well-known and demand-type water geysers online, which provide hot water only as it is needed. The brands available on the platform are filled with basic information to help you in selecting the right model.

    Affordable Geysers Price in Pakistan

    Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on heating up water the entire day in winter? Does it prevent you from partaking in the winter season completely? There is no need to stress out. Gone are the days when you would need to pursue warming water in pots. With the appearance of geysers, things have become a lot easier and more time-saving. Buying a water geyser is effectively among fundamental home appliances to have in each home that makes your life more advantageous and comfortable with Shandaar Buy by your side.

    Key Specs of Geysers

    • Warming element comes along with magnesium anode for long life in hard water
    • Tank Capacity up to 25 L.
    • Power Consumption 2000 W and more.
    • Energy Rating 5.
    • Guarantee on electric components and tank.

    Buy Geysers Online in Pakistan at ShandaarBuy

    With regards to searching for Hotline Water Heater Geyser, a ton of preparation goes into observing the right one that meets your budget and has energy-saving functions that make your water errands whether they are doing clothing, cleaning up, or washing the dishes agreeable as could be. Now you can order the right geysers from trusted brands like NasGas and Crown for making various tasks easier. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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  5. Heater

    Buy Heater Online in Pakistan

    To keep ourselves warm and appreciate winters, we use heaters to keep the encompassing warm. Heaters are the devices that are used for warming rooms. Buying heaters online helps in converting electrical flow to warm energy with the assistance of resistors. Resistors are made of metal alloy wire and non-metallic carbon compounds or printed circuits.

    Heaters Price in Pakistan with Specs

    -Features of Heaters

    Heaters have various settings for the speed and furthermore how warm you need the air to be, these are valuable elements. At first, you can keep them on higher settings and afterward on a lower setting to keep up with the temperature. A few models are likewise worked with security includes that cut the power if the inside temperature spikes excessively or on the other hand if the unit falls over.

    -Alerts and Known Brands

    Given these heaters run on power, it isn't encouraged to use in a space where water can be available as well, however, if you do it very well may be a smart thought to get a little raised wooden platform to put the heater on. Among the known brands Elite, Westpoint, Black and Decker, Canon and Anex are a few.

    Why Trust ShandaarBuy to Buy Heaters in Pakistan?

    A convenient solution to your warming necessities, with next to no establishment interaction at the best heaters price in Pakistan with best heater provider – Shandaar Buy. The heater uses a warming component with air blowing over it and out into the room. A basic yet compelling contraption that can warm up a room quickly. Just make the right moves by buying heaters through Shandaar Buy and get the exclusive price for every purchase.


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  6. Ceiling & Pedestal Fan
    Ceiling & Pedestal Fan

    Buy Pedestal Fans in Pakistan

    A pedestal fan is great for a space that needs more air inclusion than a static fan can give. Additionally on the grounds that they are minimized and more compact than roof fans they can be advantageous outside and inside. The Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan makes them affordable to buy especially through ShandaarBuy.

    Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan with Specs

    The oscillate work assists them with moving the fan head from one side to another so the air isn't simply being shipped off one bearing and can continue to meander over numerous individuals so everybody is being cooled. At Shandaar Buy you can find a huge range to buy stand fans online that has a pivoting blade front grill.
    With various points incorporated into it that make the air move around the room as it gradually pivots, a marginally unexpected mechanism in comparison to the oscillation capacity however accomplishing a similar reason basically known as 'louver fans'. As of now, there are additionally ones that are constrained by a remote making it helpful to turn the fan head toward you, or then again assuming you need to speed up you will not have to get up and physically do it.

    Why Choose ShandaarBuy to Buy Pedestal Fans in Pakistan

    The stand fan price in Pakistan alongside battery-powered platform fans' cost lies on a wide range. There are many elements that have been added to later models. Along these lines, each extra component and detail requires a more exorbitant price.

    Top 3 Pedestal Fan Products




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  7. Air Purifier
    Air Purifier

    Buy Air Purifiers Online in Pakistan

    The Air Quality Index in many cities of Pakistan has ascended to 250-Very Unhealthy which relates to disturbing degrees of unsafe materials noticeable all around. Buying an air purifier online helps remove toxins from the air around you and gives you command over your air quality.

    Air Purifier Price in Pakistan with Specs

    The ShandaarBuy brings an exclusive collection of Air Purifiers with a wide range and features.

    - Filter System

    Air Purifier has the most exceptional filtration system on the lookout. It has 3 levels filtration system which has the best surface space of filtration that tidies up to 1000 - 1500 square feet of room.

    - Classic Design

    The classical structural design of the Air Purifier uses your room space and is yet incredible in performance. Expansion of upwards of 943 air delta openings takes into account a wide air-consumption region, which empowers to make a three-dimensional course of the airway.

    Why Choose ShandaarBuy for Buying Air Purifiers in Pakistan?

    ShandaarBuy offers the best air purifier price in Pakistan. That can further develop your breathing which straightforwardly puts great consequences for rest that additionally guarantees you that you are breathing purged air. Air purifiers available at Shandaar Buy are likewise used to trap or residue the residue particles from the air. In this way, such kind of purifier gave which traps the residue aggregates it, and cleans the particular space of the home, where they are set. Shandaar Buy is the provider of air purifiers that are gainful to purge the air from microorganisms. They nearly dispense with up to 99 percent of microbes bones from the air.

    Top 3 Air Purifier Products




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  8. Garment Steamer
    Garment Steamer

    Buy Garments Steamers Online in Pakistan

    The garment steamer is ideal for fragile textures, hard-to-press areas, and invigorate any attire or upholstery - no burns guaranteed. Buy garment steamer online at Shandaar Buy which brings you lightweight and minimized designs, making it simple to use whenever anyplace. Simply steam and go! Garment steamer price in Pakistan is a stunning option in contrast to a customary iron. An expert piece of clothing liner permits you to get your garments without wrinkle while your garments hang. Garment steamers available at Shandaar Buy are basically utilized for business purposes which incorporates clothing outlets, shopping centers, attire shops, and so on.

    Garment Steamers Price in Pakistan with Specs

    With Shandaar Buy you get the garment steamers which helps in the expulsion of wrinkles from garments, and the method involved with steaming is made more simple by this entire cycle.


    The design of this garment steamer is actually engaging and charming also. The holder that it has can be changed appropriately and up to 15 to 19 inches, it tends to be extended. Only for steaming, the client would not need to observe an additional holder as it accompanies an accessible one. With a snare of brush, the highest point of the holder can be replaced, and by this, storage should be possible without any problem.


    This is one of the most mind-blowing garment steamers for materials that are weighty and steam at a rough scope of 248 degrees Fahrenheit is given. In this, deep penetration is done, and strands or fibers of the garments are relaxed also.

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  9. Wall Fan
    Wall Fan

    Buy Wall Fans Online in Pakistan

    Does your room have a low roof? The course of air would be the last thing to stress over as you mount Wall Fan at an affordable Price in Pakistan in the room. Get yourself far from the intense heat with fans that give the necessary measure of air dissemination without destroying the tasteful allure of your roof. You can buy online Wall/Bracket Fan at Shandaar Buy at appealing costs. Pick from a range of wall fans produced by well-known brands like Black and Decker. There are various elements to investigate while purchasing a wall-mounted fan.

    Best Wall/Bracket Fans Price in Pakistan

    The ideal size of your wall fan would rely upon the accessible wall space. For rooms with an adequately very much dispersed wall, you can proceed with fans that are medium or enormous. The small measured wall-mounted fans would be ideally suited for minimized review spaces and rooms situated on mezzanine floors. One more significant variable to investigate while buying an online wall or bracket fan is its assemble quality. A portion of the wall fans uses lightweight materials for their manufacturing.

    Even though this may make them simple to move around, it is consistently a superior choice to purchase fans with a solid make to guarantee reliability. Each bracket fan accompanies a mounting section. The mounting section helps in organizing the wall fan at an ideal point. The majority of the wall fans have a swaying of around 180 degrees. A couple of models of wall fans accompany a switch that leaves you alone in charge of the wavering. While mounting, guarantee that the fan is set in a point that is corresponding to the floor to guarantee an ideal measure of airflow.

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  10. Steam Mop
    Steam Mop
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  11. Oil Radiator
    Oil Radiator
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