Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser


  1. Dawlance Water Dispenser
    Dawlance Water Dispenser

    Buy Dawlance Water Dispensers in Pakistan

    Dawlance is broadly known for its production of various electronic products. Buying Dawlance water dispensers online is quite high as compared to any other water dispenser because of their 3-year compressor guarantee and a stainless-steel water tank that gives a good look and is additionally entirely sturdy. With affordable Dawlance water dispenser prices in Pakistan, you can appreciate hot, cold, or moderate temperature water as per your requirements.

    Dawlance Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan with Specs

    When you buy a Dawlance water dispenser online provides new, hot, or moderate temperature water. It is a fundamental appliance that has now turned into a need, particularly during the summers. The water device has two sorts:

    • Point of Use Water Dispensers (POU)
    • Filtered/Bottled water Dispensers (BWD)

    With an amplified limit with regards to additional serving a 3-year compressor guarantee and a stainless-steel water tank, you can appreciate clean hot, cold, or room temperature water at whatever point you like. You can store medication, food, containers, and significantly more. Two taps are for cold and typical water, stainless-steel water tank forestalls rust and gives clean water without fail. Reasonable Dawlance water dispenser price in Pakistan will be a decent expansion to your residing place.

    Why Trust ShandaarBuy for Buying Dawlance Water Dispensers?

    ShandaarBuy is the official dealer of Dawlance water dispensers in Pakistan. Dawlance has consistently been focused on furnishing its purchasers with quality home machines, and it has, hence, be the huge organization used by the people of Pakistan as an organization that is dependable and sturdy. Shandaar Buy brings the most suitable collection of water dispensers from Dawlance. Order your Dawlance Water Dispenser online in Pakistan and get the best market price.

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  2. Homage Water Dispenser
    Homage Water Dispenser

    Buy Homage Water Dispensers Online in Pakistan

    Homage aims to create eco-friendly products to make lives simpler with more safety and security. The company carries new products into the market every year, better than the past ones, and imbues the best innovation in their products to give their clients the assistance and experience they have guaranteed. Buying a Homage water dispenser online is absolutely one of the most amazing appliances. The organization has a different reach that draws in an assortment of clients from Top Loading to Bottom Loading. The clients likewise have the decision of choosing from a range of tones, including gold, maroon, red, dark, white, and purple. Homage water dispenser price in Pakistan is furnished with inherent ice chest with coolers inside.

    Homage Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan with Specs

    - Cold & Hot Water Taps

    The cold water emerges from the water faucets shaded blue while the heated water is delivered through the red button that has an additional press button on top for wellbeing purposes as the water can turn out to be very hot or bubble at a specific temperature. The cold water tank is 3 liters and a boiling water tank is 1 liter. If you really want high temp water for making espresso or tea the heated water is great for rapidly making hot drinks at home or the workplace. The frigid cold water tap is used in the late spring season to make juices and cool down from the sweltering climate.

    - Immaculate Designs

    Homage water dispensers value their designs and have vivid profiles for their water dispensers. Buying Homage water dispensers online, a glass polished skin for water dispensers makes them an alluring expansion to the room or office space to blend into the room impeccably.

    Why Choose ShandaarBuy to Buy Homage Water Dispensers in Pakistan?

    ShandaarBuy is the official dealer of homage water dispensers in Pakistan. Order Homage water dispensers with ShandaarBuy by sitting at your homes in Pakistan and getting your products delivered at doorsteps.

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Buy Water Dispensers Online in Pakistan

The water dispenser is a gadget that cools or warms up and dispenses water to give spotless, safe, and drinkable water when required. It offers cold, hot, or moderate water as per one's craving. Buying water dispensers online is already believed to be a convenient appliance for a smooth environment. These days, it is not any more an office gear and used in almost every home too. It also carries high temp water, you don't need to stand by long when you want some green tea or coffee.

Types of Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are essentially partitioned into various kinds:
• Tabletop water dispensers.
• Floor standing water dispensers.
• Two taps water dispensers.
• Three taps water dispensers.

Affordable Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan

Water Dispenser is ideally suited for use in any case, press tab or handle, and you can drink water whether you want hot or cold water so you can. These days Buying water dispensers online is among the essential appliances for your home. For the most part, water dispensers are utilized in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and restaurants for saving water and benefit on time. Along with Water dispensers Prices in Pakistan, they keep our energy and reduce the occasions we open the refrigerator's door. Water dispensers come in different sorts. At Shandaar Buy, you can find many brands manufacturer of water dispensers but choosing the right one depends on your need. Purchase 3-tap and 2-tap Water Dispenser prices in Pakistan online by Dawlance, HomageOrient, Haier, and many other brands.

Key Features of Water Dispenser

• Cold Water Tank Capacity.
• Cooling Capacity.
• Heating Capacity.
• 1L Packing aspect: 360x330x890.
• Power Consumption Hot 500W Cold 80W Refrigerant R134a.
• Voltage: 220V 240V 50Hz.